Summer Topics

Romantic Things to Do in the Spring

Be inspired by these simple, yet romantic date ideas for the spring season.

Winter Topics

Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter
By following some simple tips you can prepare your home for the winter and save money in the process.

Tips to Avoid the Winter Blues

Learn about simple ways to prevent and treat a milder form of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) referred to as the winter blues.

Facts About Snowflakes
Learn about the different types of snowflakes and how snowflakes form.

Causes of Dangerous Winter Road Conditions
Understand what causes dangerous road conditions in the winter time so that drivers can be better prepared when commuting this winter.

Winter Safety Tips for Dogs
Learn about some simple safety tips to keep your dogs warm and healthy this winter.

Dog Breeds That Deal Better With Cold Weather
Some breeds of dogs handle cold winter weather better than others. Find out which dogs are better suited for colder climates.

Outdoor Date Ideas for Winter
Heat up your winter romance with these simple outdoor date ideas.

Why the Tongue Sticks to Metal in the Winter

Learn about the scientific facts as to why the tongue sticks to metal in the winter.

Why it is Important to Layer Clothing in the Winter
Learn more about why it is important to layer clothes in the winter and the best type of clothing that will keep you warm.

Ways to Attach Gloves to a Child's Coat
Four simple ways to keep from losing gloves by to attaching them to your child's coat.

Fun Winter Activities for Toddlers

Here are just a few ideas for fun winter activities perfect for toddlers.

Tips to Help De-ice Your Car Windows
Four simple ways to de-ice your car windows.

Summer Topics

Simple Summer Skin Care Tips

By following these simple tips, your skin will have a better chance of looking healthy and flawless throughout the entire season.

Preventing Sunburn and Related Skin Damage
One of the biggest summer concerns is how to prevent sunburn and other related skin damage. Learn how you can protect your skin from future damage without missing out on fun in the sun.

Treatments for Sunburn
It is best to take precautions to prevent sunburn, but if you do happen to sunburn there are a few treatment to help ease the pain and heal faster.

Heat Wave Safety Tips
Learn more about safety tips and how to survive a heat wave.

Summer Safety Tips for Runners

The summer heat can pose several health risks to runners. Learn about some simple summer safety tip before you head out for your next run.

Summer Safety Tips for Dogs
Summer can pose a danger to most dogs. Learn more about some safety tips to help keep your dog healthy and happy all summer long.

Backyard Water Games for Children
Discover some ways your children can cool down from the summer heat with some backyard water games.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks for the Summer
As the summer temperatures increase, so does our thirst. Learn about non-alcoholic drink options to quench your thirst this summer.

Things to do in Louisville, KY in the Summer
There are plenty of things to do in Louisville, Kentucky during the summer months. Explore just a few options Louisville has to offer.