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Facts About Great Horned Owls
Learn more about the habitat, diet, and life cycle of great horned owls.

How Spiders Breathe
Ever wonder how spiders breathe? Learn more about the respiratory system of spiders and how it works.

Atmospheric Science

How Lightning Forms
Learn about the complexity of lightning and how it forms.

Hazards of Hurricanes
Learn more about the hazards of hurricanes and the aftermath of a hurricane. Also learn why it is important to have an emergency plan if you ever get caught in a hurricane.

How the Sun Heats the Earth

All life on Earth is dependent on the sun to heat the earth. Learn how the sun heats the earth and why it is important.

Types of Ecosystems
Learn more about the different types of ecosystems and how they are classified.


Major Subdivisions of the Ocean
Learn how scientists have divided the ocean up into several major subdivisions to make it easier to learn more about the world's oceans.

Marine Biology

Facts about Killer Whales
Learn more about the appearance, life cycle, diet, social structure, behaviors, vocal structure, and habitat of orcas, commonly known as killer whales.

Facts about Whale Parasites
Learn more about whale parasite and the effect they have on certain types of whales.

The History of Shamu
Learn more about the history of Shamu, the iconic Sea World shows, and the controversy that surrounds it.

Guide to Different Types of Sharks
Learn more about the different types of sharks and how they are classified.

How to Prevent Shark Attacks

Learn about ways to prevent or lessen the chances of becoming victim of a shark attack.

How to Survive a Shark Attack
Learn about useful tips to help increase your chances of surviving a shark attack.

New Jersey Shark Attacks of 1916

Learn more about the historic New Jersey shark attacks of 1916 and how they inspired more shark research.

Types of Plankton
Learn more about the types of plankton and how they are classified.

Characteristics of Rockhopper Penguins
Learn more about the characteristics of Rockhopper penguins, their personality, breeding habits, and habitat.

Largest Animals in the Ocean
Learn more about the largest animals found in the world's oceans today.