5 Pillars of Islam
Learn more about the five obligations that is required of every Muslim.

Conditions of the Shahada

Reciting the shahada is the first step to being a Muslim, but do you really know what reciting the shahada means? Learn more about what the conditions of the shahada entail.

Categories of Tawheed
A simple explanation of the oneness of Allah (God), which in Islam is referred to as tawheed.

How to Perform Wudu
Wudu is a state of purification; purifying oneself from sin. Learn more about the steps of wudu and what will nullify your wudu.

The Importance of Fajr Prayer
Learn about the importance to waking up for Fajr prayer. Also learn some tips for waking up on time to pray.

Is Tobacco Forbidden in Islam?
There is much debate on whether smoking is forbidden in Islam. Discover what the Qur'an, hadiths, Islamic law, and scholars' opinions say regarding the use of tobacco products.

Reboot your iman this Ramadan
Ramadan is a time become closer with Allah. Learn why strengthening your iman during Ramadan will benefit you all year round.

What to do during Itikaf

Learn what itikaf is, when it is observed, the conditions of itikaf, what nullifies itikaf, and much more.

Traditional foods for Ramadan (with recipes)
Article by MK Johnston

Quick and easy suhoor recipes
Article by MK Johnston

Bible Study: The Book of Philemon
A concise look at the book of Philemon