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Halloween (October 31)

Halloween in America: Fact vs. Fiction
There are many versions of Halloween history, but do you know how Halloween really started in the United States? Learn how to separate Halloween fact from fiction.

Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treating
Trick-or-treating is an iconic tradition for Halloween. Consider these safety tips before going out this Halloween.

Halloween Superstitions
Halloween is shrouded in mystery and superstition. Learn more about the most common Halloween superstitions.

Halloween Carols
Have fun singing these Halloween carols and be inspired to create your own.

Halloween Carnival Game Ideas
Halloween carnivals can be a safe alternative to trick or treating. Discover a variety of games to inspire you to have the best carnival in town.

Halloween Games for Kids
A Halloween party isn't as much fun without games. Discover some fun Halloween-themed games that will entertain children of all ages.

Halloween Party Games for Adults
Here are some simple Halloween party games for adults.

Halloween Non-Alcoholic Drink Ideas
Some of the most popular non-alcoholic Halloween recipes for children and adults, which will make any Halloween party a success.

Halloween Cocktail Ideas
Discover some of the best spooktacular spirit and cocktail recipes that will make your Halloween celebration positivity wicked.

Halloween Costumes for Dogs
The possibilities of Halloween costumes for dogs seem endless. These are just a few suggestions for Halloween costumes for dogs.

Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids
Halloween costumes for kids can be expensive. Discover some cheap and easy homemade Halloween costumes ideas for kids.

Halloween Costumes for Pregnant Women

Fun and unique Halloween costume ideas for pregnant women.

Halloween Events in New York City
Check out just a few of the annual events for Halloween in New York City.

Alternatives to Trick or Treating for Halloween

Check out all the fun and festive ways to celebrate Halloween without trick or treating.

Valentine's Day (February 14)

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St. Patrick's Day (March 17)

Origins of St. Patrick's Day
Discover some of the history and origins surrounding St. Patrick's Day and how it has evolve over the years.

St. Patrick's Day Superstitions

Discover some of the superstitions surrounding St. Patrick's Day.

Why People Wear Green on St. Patrick's Day
Learn more about how wearing green has evolved and became associated with St. Patrick's Day.

Cocktail Ideas for St. Patrick's Day

Although the ideas seem endless, these are just a few suggestions for popular cocktails party-goers use to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

Non-Alcoholic Drink Ideas for St. Patrick's Day
Discover non-alcoholic drink ideas perfect for children, family, designated drivers, and anyone else wanting to have a little fun on St. Patrick's Day.

Mother's Day (May 10, 2015)

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Ramadan (Date varies)

Reboot Your Iman This Ramadan
Ramadan is a time become closer with Allah. Allah gives us three chances to repent and wipe our slates clean of sin. Learn why strengthening your iman during Ramadan will benefit you all year round.

What to Do During Itikaf
Learn what itikaf is, when it is observed, the conditions of itikaf, what nullifies itikaf, and much more.

Fasting Six Days of Shawwal After Ramadan
Learn more about fasting in the six days of Shawwal and the virtues of it.

Thanksgiving (November 26)

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Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving)

Black Friday Survival Tips and Tricks
Learn about some tips and tricks for surviving Black Friday. Learn how to maximize your savings while keeping your sanity intact.

Things Not to Buy on Black Friday
Black Friday sales are not always going to save you money. Find out what items you should consider not buying on Black Friday.

Christmas (December 25)

History of Candy Canes
Learn about the history of candy canes and how it became such an iconic symbol Christmas.

Types of Christmas Trees
Learn more about the best tree species to use as a Christmas tree this holiday season.

Tips for Choosing a Live Christmas Tree

Basic tips and advice for choosing the best Christmas tree this holiday season.

Mardi Gras (February 17, 2015)

Laws to Know for Mardi Gras in New Orleans, LA
Learn about some laws and regulations you need to follow when celebrating Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

Easter (April 5, 2015)

Origins of the Easter Bunny
Learn more about the origins of the Easter bunny and how it has become such an icon in the commercialism of the Easter holiday.

Origins of the Easter Egg
Learn about the history of the Easter egg and how it became such a holiday icon.

Easter Basket Ideas for Teenagers
Discover a few Easter basket ideas perfect for teenagers.

Non-Religious Easter Traditions
Easter can be a fun holiday even for those who don't celebrate it from a religious point of view. Learn about some iconic Easter traditions that many families observe regardless of religious views.

Easter Hat Etiquette

Learn more about the proper etiquette that comes with choosing and wearing the right Easter hat and how to behave when wearing one.

Father's Day (June 21, 2015)

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4th of July

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