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Back-to-School Safety Tips
Learn more about keeping children safe with these back-to-school safety tips.

How to Save Money on Back-to-School Supplies
School supplies can be expensive. Learn about ways to save money on school supplies and enhance a student's learning experience.

Supplies to Donate to Elementary Classrooms
Learn about supplies that would be helpful to donate to elementary classrooms and support not only students' learning but help out teachers as well.

How to Save Money on Back-to-School Clothes
Learn some tips and tricks on how to save money on back-to-school clothes.

English Grammar

Classifying Sentences
Learn about different types of sentences and how they are classified. Interactive quizzes and worksheets are included to apply what you have learned.



Homeschooling Tips

Best Websites for Homeschool Support
Here are a list of websites to help homeschool parents stay organized and resources to help maximize their child's learning potential.

Spelling and Reading Skills

Identifying the Methods Used for Reading
(with interactive quiz and discussion questions)
Learn more about the reasons why we read and how students can not only strengthen their reading skills, but also help them to retain more of what they have learned.

Major Subdivisions of the Ocean (with quiz)
Learn more about these subdivisions and how they are divided.

How Spiders Breathe (with quiz)
Ever wonder how spiders breathe? Learn more about the respiratory system of spiders and how it works.

Types of Ecosystems (with quiz)
Learn more about the different types of ecosystems and how they are classified.

Types of Plankton (with quiz)
Learn more about the types of plankton and how they are classified.

How the Sun Heats the Earth (with quiz)
All life on Earth is dependent on the sun to heat the earth. Learn how the sun heats the earth and why it is important.

Facts About Great Horned Owls (with quiz)
Learn more about the habitat, diet, and life cycle of great horned owls.
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